Well, friends, it was to your advantage (and honestly, my dismay) that I only had 5 entries into my very first giveaway! The winners of my humble little contest are sisters Jennifer and Jaclyn of Sketch-Free Vegan Eating, (which is, by the way, one of my new favorite food blogs) who said, "The quinoa burgers look awesome! I would definitely use the salt with that :)", and Shannon, who said, "I would definitely use the salt to make the salmon cakes :)". Since the quinoa burgers use the Mexican Smoked Sea Salt, and the salmon cakes use the Applewood Smoked Sea  Salt, I will send the salts according to your selections. I can't wait to hear about their meals, and to see what else they cook up with these salts! Be sure to keep an eye out on my blog for future giveaways of harder to find ingredients. Thanks everyone!


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