I was grateful to Alison for posting a link to an article in the Wall Street Journal about gluten sensitivity the other day. I am one of the many who went through blood work and an endoscopy to test for Celiac disease, and was shocked to get negative results. My system becomes nearly crippled when I eat wheat or gluten, how could I not have it? Luckily, one of the many GI doctors I met with discussed with me gluten intolerance/sensitivity vs. Celiac disease, and even suggested an online testing option if I wanted to get a somewhat definitive answer. I haven't sought out the online test, as I know now unequivocally that I don't tolerate it, simply from listening and observing my body and it's needs. Not everyone has that support, though, or the awareness that gluten sensitivity could be causing their unexplained symptoms in the first place. Hopefully awareness will continue to increase, and more people will be assured that they are not crazy.


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