I'm at a bit of a loss as to how I should begin this post. It has been so many years, at times I could say my entire life, that I have been dealing with inexplicable and troubling symptoms without a diagnosis from the many doctors and specialists that I've seen. It has now been a little over a week since I visited a rheumatologist for the first time and was quickly diagnosed with Lupus, an auto-immune disease in which your body's immune system becomes over-active and attacks its own tissues and/or nerves, precipitating a great deal of symptoms from mild to life-threatening. My diagnosis happens to coincide with Lupus Awareness Month, so though I have been tempted to retreat into the solace of my proclaimed "break" from my blog, I thought it more appropriate for me to step out into the light for a bit and share the news. There is much that I could and would like to say on the subject, but given that the discomfort with typing much remains, I will be brief. I have experienced a myriad of emotions as a result of the diagnosis: from relief and joy over finally having a name and an understanding of what my body has been going through to, well frankly, fear over what my body is going through. My deepest gratitude goes to those who have supported, loved and encouraged me over the past decade of struggle; much love and light to you all. 

*Butterflies are apparently the universal symbol for Lupus. May I ever don it as gracefully as Miss Monkman.


gillian chadwick said...

sending love to you, darling lady.


I am so pleased that you can start to understand and help your body, much love to you my dear. X

Brooke Nicole said...

Wow, well, this diagnosis sure makes a lot of sense. Are you going to re-evaluate your dietary restrictions, etc. with your doctor?

I hope you and your doctor work well together to devise a treatment plan that will keep flare ups and symptoms under control!

Good luck to you Ms. Hatch, I wish wellness unto you!

KRIS said...

Thank you, lovely ones. Brooke, much to say in response to your questions. Next time I see you I will do my best to answer them.

Brooke Nicole said...

:) I would love to get tea or something with you sometime?

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