Now that Autumn has arrived, so too has the season of turning-on-the-oven-just-to-stay-warm. One of my favorite excuses to do so is to roast nuts. Soaking and roasting nuts yourself ensures that there aren't any harmful oils or seasonings, plus blesses your mouth with incredible flavor, and your home with incredible aromas.
I was introduced last year to the concept of soaking nuts prior to roasting them. There is a great deal of information on the net regarding the benefits of soaking nuts, seeds, grains and beans.  I find the description on this website particularly helpful. Besides the nutritional benefits of soaking your nuts, I find that it also helps to get a more even roast, as they don't dry out as quickly in the oven. For this reason, I always soak cashews prior to roasting, despite the debate over whether or not it makes a difference nutritionally.
Nuts are naturally so flavorful, that I typically roast them without oils, salt or spices. After roasting, I store the nuts in glass jars to snack from, or use them to make homemade pestos that I can use to quickly season veggies, grains, pizzas, and wraps.


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